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A Conversation with Professional Comedy Juggler Niels Duinker

Is your life a juggling act? If so, you are going to love this episode of the LIFE BEGINS TODAY podcast, as Dale chats with professional comedy juggler Niels Duinker.

Born in the Netherlands, Niels Duinker was juggling by age 13, and he has made a career out of juggling. He has performed globally and holds numerous Guinness World Records in the art of juggling. Niels is also an author, and has a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Dale and Niels talk about him growing up and going after his dream, and Dale shares insights for you, connecting Niels challenges to your life. You don’t want to miss this conversation.

To see more about Niels, check out his website Comedy Juggler Niels Duinker.

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