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Don’t Let Pride Hamper Your Happiness

Here is some truth for you…sometimes our pride keeps us from living the life that we truly want to live.

It starts early.

How many of you remember grade school or even Sunday School? There were always those kids who knew all the answers, wore better clothes, lived in bigger houses, had cooler notebooks and pens and lunch boxes, and they looked down on the kids who didn’t. I still think back to those charts on the wall in Sunday School, where the kid who memorized all of the weekly Bible verses had a long row of “gold stars” beside his name, while the kid who didn’t even own a Bible might have had one.

At early ages, pride (or the lack thereof) becomes an issue for many. Sitting in a certain seat on the school bus or in the cafeteria, living in a particular neighborhood or wearing (or not wearing) a certain kind of tennis shoe could affect our pride.

As we grow, it seems that things get worse. In high school, everything from participation in sports, to cheerleading, to what group of people we hung out with, whether we want to admit it or not, had a direct correlation to the pride that we felt inside.

By the time most people finish college, pride is a major factor in their decision of what job they will accept, who they will marry and what kind of car they will drive.

The truth of the matter is that, from even a very early age, the predaceous opinions of others become overwhelmingly more important to us than our opinions of ourselves.

We all want to “fit in,” right? We all want to be liked. We want to be accepted. We want other people’s view of us to be positive, but the mistake we make is in allowing their view of us to dictate how we live our lives. There is no satisfaction in that. It forces you to either do something or be something that you really don’t want to do or be, in an effort to satisfy others, or to live an epigeal type life that, well, hopefully nobody will notice.

Some of the greatest people I have ever known were not successful CEO’s or elected officials or people who lived in gated communities (…and please know, there is nothing wrong with any of that), but they were people who took pride in their work, in their family and in themselves.

I have found that those who think particular jobs are beneath them, are people not capable of handling the one that they have.

So here is my word for you today. Take PRIDE in what you do, in who you are. Today, you may not be where you ultimately want to be in life, but it doesn’t mean you are going to stay here forever. Take pride in how you do you job, in how you live you life and ignore those who might look down on you, for whatever reason. When you get up in the morning, thank God that He has given you another day. Look at the person in the mirror and smile. Recognize that you are where you are for a reason, and don’t be afraid to move forward.

Other people are not equipped nor qualified to establish your level of pride. Only you can do that. So bow up, head high, shoulders back, walk with a skip in your step, smile, be proud and know that Life…Begins TODAY!!!


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