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Change is up to YOU!

I almost gave this blog the title “Positive change is up to you.” By now, if you have been reading my blogs with any consistency (and I hope you have), you see that I am generally a positive guy.  I’ve always considered myself a “glass is half full” type of personality. To me, it just makes sense to live life that way. 

Glass Half FullIt is true that when you come here to my site, I want to you be inspired, motivated, and encouraged. My desire is that when you turn off your computer or put your cell phone back in your pocket, something I have written will have had a positive impact on your day, in your life, and that you will feel an extra bounce in your step. That is my goal.

We all desire to make positive changes in our life. None of us have everything figured out, and honestly, we never will. But positive change, I would say, is something that most people strive for.  I’ve never in my life heard anyone say “Well, my life is going pretty good right now. Let me see what changes I can make to diminish anything positive and make it go south.” Nobody in their right mind would say that.

Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me!” – Carol Burnett

Sadly, however, it happens. Sometimes it happens consciously. 

A teenager will pick up a cigarette, knowing that it will be detrimental to their health, but will consciously do it thinking it will make them more popular with certain crowds. Adults will go out and buy a car that they know they cannot afford, knowing it will put a strain on their finances, and likely on their relationship, but they will do it anyway. Hey – guilty as charged. I’ve done it.

I, for one, hate excuses. I don’t like them in the workplace, I don’t like them on the playing field, I don’t like them in life. To me, there is nothing more annoying than someone who can be a better parent, can be a better employee or boss, can be a better husband or wife, has the ability to be a better athlete…yet they make excuses rather than making an effort to become the person they want to be and have the ability to be.

The great comedienne Carol Burnett said it best – “Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me!”  If I could insert one of her famous Tarzan yells right here, I’d do it. She is spot on, 100% right.

I can sit here and write to encourage you, to inspire you, and I can even give you the blueprints to do it, but only YOU can make change happen.

Power imageI love what former NFL player Ray Lewis (who has obviously dealt with his own life issues) said about change. He said “If there is something in your life that you know needs changing, make sure you change it before God has to change it. Because if God’s got to change it, you ain’t gonna like it.” 

Here’s the thing. Most people who need to make a positive change in their life already know what it is that they need to do. I don’t have to tell you. You don’t need a seminar to tell you. You don’t have to read self-help books to tell you. You already know. You just have to, as Nike so eloquently put it, Just Do It!

I completely understand that, sometimes, making positive change in your life requires you to get out of your comfort zone, but maybe that is the problem. You have been in that unhealthy comfort zone for way to long.  Open the door, take those initial steps, and start making positive change today. Only YOU can do it.

Remember, Life begins Today!!!

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