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Solve for “WHY”

Recently on Facebook, the question was posed, “How many of you adults use algebra on a daily basis.”  The post seemed to be saying “why did I spend all of those days in algebra class when I was never going to use it later in life?”

I get it, and I know the point that was attempting to be made. But as I read it, I was screaming (ok, not literally screaming, but in my mind I was screaming) “WE ALL DO!” We really do. Maybe we are not solving for “y” but yes, in a way, we are all doing a form of algebra every single day.

What do you mean, Dale?

Look, I was the worst math student ever to grace the halls of my high school. It was a daily struggle.  I could just never wrap my mind around why we had a letter of the Big Why.pngalphabet inside a math problem.   Ah, but there is the key word – problem.

Remember going into algebra class?  The teacher would write some ridiculous looking equation on the board which, to me, always looked to be a mile long and looked like the language of a third-world country. And out of all of those numbers and letters and parentheses, and brackets, and pluses and minuses, she would say something like, “I want you to solve for y.”


The PROBLEM was, we didn’t know what y should be and we had to figure it out.

(Thirty seven…..that was always my standard answer whenever I couldn’t solve the problem.  It was also my semester grade as I recall…anyway)

Here is why I was wanting to scream at my computer “Yes, we all do algebra every single day of our lives.”  Because, my friends, each of us has a “why” that we need to solve for, and it’s an everyday process.

WHY do you get up in the morning? WHY are you working the job that you are working? WHY do you go to the left instead of the right?  WHY do you make the decisions that you make?

We all have a great big WHY in our life, and it is vital that we “solve for WHY.

Man thinkingIf you do not know the answer, I suggest you take some time and figure it out. If you are getting up every day, driving a car that you hate, living in a neighborhood that you don’t like, in a relationship with someone who treats you badly, working a job that you despise, participating in bad habits even when you know they are no good for you  – WHY?

Believe it or not, there is motivation behind every single thing that we do.  There is a big WHY, and it is important that you know what your big why is.  Your answer might be a spiritual answer, relational, monetary, physical, emotional – whatever.  But you need to know WHAT the answer is when you ask yourself WHY, and if you don’t like your answer, then just maybe you have yet to solve your problem.

In my next installment, I’m going to help you take some steps do just that.

Remember, Life begins TODAY!!!


1 thought on “Solve for “WHY””

  1. Some would say there are no absolutes in life, except death! Sometimes you just can’t solve “y” because the equation isn’t set up right. So instead of searching for “y” take a step back and look at the problem. I remember my alegebra teacher always telling me “ Did you set up the problem right?”
    I’m still figuring that part out! Maybe I’m just destined to search for “y” for my whole life.

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