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Google isn’t ALWAYS right

One of my favorite television commercials of all time is the State Farm ad from a couple of years ago where the girl is talking to her friend about insurance and makes the statement “if it’s on the Internet it has to be true.”  At the very end of the bit, this scruffy, slouching guy walks up and she tells her friend “here’s my date, I met him on the Internet – he’s a French model.” 

How many times have we been in a discussion with someone, and they will make the Google magnifying glassemphatic statement “I Googled it” as a way to prove a point. I mean, if indeed you Google backup support to any argument you make, it is going to give you the real answer, right?


Now don’t get me wrong – I use Google just as much as the next guy.  As a matter of fact, I count on Google to get the word out about this site. It is a wonderful tool. But surely we all know better than to take Google as the Gospel. 

Google how to make a million bucks, and you are going to find something that will tell you how to do it in a year, or a month, or instantly.

Need to lose weight? Google “how to lose weight fast.” You will be blown away by what you find. Some sites even suggesting that you can loose lots of weight in 30 days, or 20 days or, yes, seven days. Whatever!

Want to buy a car, buy a house, get a date with a French model – and fast? Just google it and you are likely to find someone telling you something you want to hear, whether it is possible or not. 

Look, the truth is (I hope some of you are sitting down for this), not everything you find on the Internet is true.  I know, I know. You are devastated by that bit of information. 

*I wonder if you Google “Is everything on the internet true” what it will tell you? I can only imagine. 

I do have some truth to share with you today. Unlike Google, it might not be something you want to hear, but it is the truth

There is no quick way to lose weight and keep it off.  There is no way to suddenly wake Weight lifterup one morning and have your dream job given to you. Buying a house, becoming first chair in the band, running a marathon, getting a date with that guy or that girl in the apartment downstairs, getting elected to public office, making a million dollars – there is no automatic, quick, easy way to do any of it, no matter what website Google leads you to.

But here is the good news – everything I mentioned is possible if you put forth the effort. It really is. 

There are two little cliche’s we often hear that sound similar but are drastically different. Let me show you.

One says “If you believe it, you will receive it.”

The other says “If you believe it, you can achieve it.”

While those sound like the same thing, they are as different as night and day.  In order to receive something, all you have to do is open up your hands. That’s it.  No work involved, no blood, sweat or tears. Just open your hands and “receive” whatever it is. In life, you are never going to get rich, lose weight, get the promotion you want, the car you want, the date you want by just opening up your hands.  Life simply does not work that way.

Hiker at top of the mountainBut to “achieve” something, you obtain it by work, effort, courage and skill. (I Googled that definition by the way

You want to lose weight and make a life change? It is going to take effort. Becoming an airline pilot is going to require effort and numerous hours of flying. Becoming a successful basketball coach, or a yoga instructor, or a pastor, or an author – WHATEVER – it cannot be done automatically, nor over night, nor in seven days. It is going to require effort, no matter what Google findings tell you. 

On Wednesday, we are going to go a little further with this discussion and talk about how being rich, being well known, or being in a high profile position does not equal success or happiness.  I hope you will join me then.


Life begins TODAY!!!

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