Where, oh where, are you today?

“Ya’ll” remember the television variety show HEE HAW, right?  We used to watch it every Saturday night. (Please keep in mind, this blog originates in central Alabama

A big part of the show each week was when comedian Archie Campbell (who, by the way, is from a town called Bulls Gap, TN) would do an original verse of a tune called Where Oh Where Are You Tonight. He was always joined by a surprise guest, with their back to the audience, who would turn around and sing with him on the famous chorus: Where oh where are you tonight? Why did you leave me here all alone? 

I still love to watch the reruns of that show, and I remember one particular version of that song that went like this:

You took off your wig, your false eye, your glasses

You took the nose right off of your face

I wanted to hug and kiss you my darlin’

But you were scattered all over the place.

That still makes me laugh after all of these years.

But the verse to that song, as silly as it is, when we apply it to how we live life sometimes, is very relatable.  We have so many bits and pieces of ourselves scattered all over the place, it makes it virtually impossible for us to be productive. There is no question that disorganization is indeed a hindrance to success.

♦We will be late for work because we can’t find our car keys.

♦We will miss an important appointment because we didn’t take time to get directions.

♦We will be halfway through preparing dinner, only to discover we are missing an important ingredient that we didn’t buy at the grocery store, and that happened because we didn’t make a list.

Some of the easiest, most simple ways to become more productive, and eventually more

hand pen writing plant

successful, come from just a little bit of organization. Hopefully none of you reading this are being considered for the next season of Hoarders, but there are likely areas of your life where you can make some organizational changes. 

Here’s an idea:

Set aside an hour on Sunday evening.  Look over your calendar and see what your week looks like. Make a quick travel schedule. Plan your meals. Jot down which afternoon you’ll need to mow the lawn. Make note of little Johnny’s baseball game, and if you have some appointments, go ahead and make sure you have your directions – And you can handle all of this while doing a load of laundry.

Think about it. One hour on a Sunday night could make a major difference in how smoothly your entire week could go.

A big part of success is in the preparation.

Life begins TODAY!!!

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