Let’s just get this out of the way. Happiness IS A CHOICE!!!

There have been numerous books written on this subject. More than one uses that very title Happiness Is A Choice.

It’s not the way we think, though, is it?  How do we usually view happiness?

•IF I can buy that new car, THEN I will be happy

•IF I can land that certain job, THEN I will be happy

•IF I can get a date with that girl or that guy, THEN I will be happy

And of course, the one we always hear…

•IF I made this amount of money, THEN I would be happy

Here is what I want you to take away from our time here today – Happiness is not the “end result” of whatever it is that you think is going to make you happy.  It is also not necessarily based on how much money you make.  We’ll tackle that issue another day.

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No matter how much money is in your bank account today, no matter your marital status, no matter your job status, it is still possible for you to be happy today.  How you treat others, your outlook on life, memories of times you have enjoyed with family and friends, all of these bring about a spirit of happiness inside.

Growing up, my parents were big on family vacations.  I’m glad they were.  It was a special time.  Mom would spend weeks gathering information about where we would be going, where we would be staying and what we would be doing.  I remember her sometimes spreading brochures across the floor as we would sit and talk about, with anticipation, all of the fun things we would experience.   There was a time or two, however, that our destination turned out to be a dud.  That did not take away from the happiness that the entire experience brought us.

You see, it wasn’t just the the destination that brought us happiness.  It was the whole process of getting there that brought us feelings of joy and happiness.

Maybe you haven’t bought that pretty little convertible, maybe the woman of your dreams hasn’t yet said “I Do,” maybe you are not yet making six figures, but don’t miss the happiness of getting to where you are wanting to go.

Treasure your life, your family, your health and your friendships.  Recognize that you are only going to have THIS day once, and see what you can do to make the most of it.

CHOOSE TODAY to be happy.

Life begins TODAY!!!

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  1. Awesome Dale. So proud of you and I will look forward to “visiting” your posts each and every day.

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